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Crisis of Meaning

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

In the book, Courage and Calling, by Gordon Smith, he discusses how we live in a time of rapid change and that this is "having a profound effect on the way we live, the way we work and the way we think about our lives and our work" (p. 15). He goes on to discuss four types of crises we face today, one of which is a crisis of meaning.

Many people struggle with the meaning of their life. Perhaps the reason so many struggle with it is because they base the meaning of their life on what they do for a living. But as we study God’s Word, we come to understand that it is not so much what we do that is important, but who we are. We should not focus on what it is that we do in order to understand the meaning of our life. Instead, we should focus on who God created us to be, and to live our life in a way that brings honor and glory to Him.

Smith wraps up his book with this. “Our ultimate goal is not so much to accomplish great things, as it is to be women and men who know, love and serve Jesus. Our final concern is not career or ministry or reputation but whether through the course of our lives we grow in the saving grace of Christ, living and working in such a way that others might know him” (p. 196). And that, my friends, is what should give meaning to our life.

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